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Clear the Decks! update

With so many different ways to contact followers and send out info, it is tough to keep track of them all. I post on Facebook, send out KS updates and tweet and Instagram, talk to friends and family and coworkers.

All that said - today was an important day - as I uploaded the entire game form the smallest token the to rulebook to the box all to Meijia (Brilliant Games) for their review and to prepare my production proof. This was 5 months in the making (3 and a half years if you count form about when I first was jotting notes about cards.) It has been a huge emotional journey - with highs (showcase acceptance and KS funding) and lows (not winning awards, stressing about KS funding and taxes) and how long everything that you cannot do yourself seems to take.

Right now - there is a bit of euphoria - it is a stepping stone (I read it is better than calling it a milestone - as that makes it sound like you are done. Yes - in real life I have also done a lot of reading on personal growth, handling stress, personal and professional relationships etc over the pas year and a half.

We are not all born super-creative crowd-rousing extroverts that can draw a loyal group of followers to them with the wave of a hand.

I cannot thank Santiago and Gwen enough for their patience and efforts to make this a beautiful game. I sing their praises every chance I get and I also remember to thank my wife (First Mate) and kids frequently for all of the playtesting, rules reading, putting up with all of the nautical (not so) fun facts at the dinner table and all of the temper flaring that went with all of the well-intentioned feedback (better word than criticism) that was offered and which made that game even better.

So now I wait to hear that it has all been accepted and that the printer's side of the process is underway.

This Friday I head into NYC for an awards night run by Playcrafting. Their BIT awards is not world renowned but I'll treat it like it is. Winning Tabletop Game of the Year would be amazing (and yes - it is an honor to get nominated, along with 5 other games) - it is press and exposure I would not have gotten otherwise. I have done three of their events and have a 4th on Feb 2nd. They draw great crowds and their summer event was a major contributor to the game getting funded.

Thanks for reading - if you are in the UK I am looking for advice on game conventions there - I was invited to Live Wargaming in September, UKGE in May is too soon for me - and I am looking for advice on what other show to try - I think if domestic sales go well I can afford to try one hop across the "pond".

Thanks again, Happy Sails - Chris

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