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Clear the Decks at Boston FIG 2017

Did Boston FIG last weekend. started slow, but had almost solid playtesting from 10 to 4:30. Only had 14 people sign up with emails, but I think I would have gotten more if I had another person there helping me.

I wonder what all those people that took my card and/or sell sheet were planning to do with them. I only got a couple new FB followers and 1 prefundia follower in the last few days.

Sent out all the email thank you's. I figure I would add everyone to the Prefundia list just before I launch. If they really are interested, they'll follow me on twitter, facebook or go to prefundia themselves.

Now I have to keep working on getting the rest of the art, so I can print new demo decks to send to reviewers - I did generate interest with my twitter and facebook blasts.

Next session is Metatopia in November - figure I will sign up for 3 or 4 sessions, see if they get selected. Perhaps some revenge in my Expert playtest after the drubbing I took last year.....

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