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Line of Battle - Clear the Decks! Duel

Line of Battle is a stand-alone competitive naval battle card game for Clear the Decks! fans. Two teams of 1 or 2 players command a gun crew as part of a squadron of three tall ships. The first team to sink the enemy's three ships is the winner.

Players use Attack Cards to damage enemy ships and Misfortune cards to disable the enemy cannon. Tactics can be used to increase damage.

On the defensive side, Officers, Crew and Recovery cards are used to avoid, remove or become immune to Misfortunes.

Each turn you must decide if you want to address your own woes, resupply or go after the enemy cannon or ship.

The Ship cards are named after famous fighting ships from the USA, England and France of different ratings. Start off with the smaller ship with a hull value of 8 and work your way up to 14. For asymmetric play you can give one team stronger ships.

There is a min-expansion, an 18 card set of cards that adds 2 more Misfortune/Recovery/Crew sets and 2 Multi-use Recovery cards. There are also 2 bonus cards while supplies last. 

For artwork my artist Anwar Hanano contributed several new pieces (I think that Injured Sailor looks familiar) and we used some of our favorite sketches form past releases. 

We have videos for a simple intro, set up and play.

Stay tuned in 2024 for a player vs player expansion that uses the base game of Clear the Decks!

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