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June 2017 visit to Boston for Rendezvous 2017. Visited the USS Constitution (left) only weeks before she was taken out of dry dock after her 2 year renovation. Watched over 50 tall ships (above) come into the harbor and got to walk around on a few, including El Galleon from Spain (right).

The Inspiration

An avid reader, my mother suggested I look at the Master and Commander series by Patrick O'Brian - me being a big fan of the movie. After the first one, I was hooked and even before finishing the 21st I was making cards and playtesting Clear the Decks!.

I have done additional non-fiction reading, watched the Horatio Hornblower BBC series and visited tall ships. This all deeped my understanding of  naval warfare during the Napoleonic age and the War of 1812.

In this game, I have tried to blend historical nomenclature and realism into an enjoyable game. I also wanted the game to be cooperative, representing the teamwork and sacrifices that these brave men made for their shipmates in the name of national (or personal) glory.

As for me, this has been the game that truly inspired my artistic passion. This has driven me to learn new skills, meet new people and take new risks.

I hope you will take a look at the game and imagine a smoke filled deck, the roar of the cannon, the shudder of the ship and the knife's edge tension as you fight a pitched battle on the open sea.

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